Our Charity Work

If only all dogs were as lucky as Doggie Goodies dogs… but alas we know that there are many unfortunate little fellas out there who rely on the good work of charities and volunteers to have a better crack at life and get their tails wagging again!

That’s why we support these hard working charities which are making the difference to those dogs that need our help.

Who We Work with

We have chosen causes close to our hearts who we feel can make the most difference in their charitable work.

Smokey Paws is an RSPCA HONOURS award winning pet charity. They supply specially designed pet oxygen masks which are carried on fire engines, saving the lives of many pets involved in house fires and accidents.

With 46% of UK households having pets and over 40,000 house fires per year, here at Doggie Goodies we feel we should do our part to give them a chance by supporting this wonderful charity.