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The Products

February’s Box

Here we have one of our best boxes yet!

We have tough toys, great treats, grooming products and even a cosy jumper. With the cold weather we wanted to wrap up all of those lovely dogs with our knitted sweaters. After of course those dogs have had a proper brush down with the awesome Vitakraft combs.

With some delicious meaty treats from Alfie & Boxby, the dogs will have their fill. Strong toys make another appearance in the form of ToyBoy’s flavoured bones, and the combitex plushes with super strong anti chew materials!


January’s Box

New Year, new box! New lines are something you will see, we have added Boxby to our treats and they’re great. Packed with natural ingredients, the bites, and marrow chew are set to be the next favourite for your pet. So we made sure to put in some strong toys for when they run out.

We have an exciting new fusion chew, made from rubber and nylon. This is in addition to a tough ones stuffed fowl plush, two strong chews to make sure they last. Each box will also feature a Woof & Brew tea made for pets, serve up a relaxing cuppa for your pet at a lukewarm temperature!

December’s Box

Here it is! The holiday box has landed, packed full of seasonal cheer. Leading the way we have the excellent pet neckerchiefs, to get your dog into the spirit, and make owners laugh!

We have seasonal bakes, christmas puddings, both are made with all natural ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy. The stuffless toy by Karlie is there to make sure your house stays clean and fluff free.

Between a big bag of treats, and the lovely pet eu de toilet the dogs will be relaxing happily over the holidays. So you can relax right along with them.

November’s Box

The run up to the holiday season is here! We have kicked off your holiday cheer with a doggie calendar for your pet, every day has a chocolate equivalent treat. We also have a special treat in a bottle of Pawsecco, an alcohol-free tonic to add to your pets water.

With more treats and toys, the LED flashing ball, 5 senses ball and KONG rubber Pawzzle will have your pet running riot to catch their new favourites. Once again, we have the lovely pawsome bakes from Four Legged Fancies and a speciality treat from Alfie’s diner!

October’s Box

This month we have a spooky theme to our doggie box. We are lucky enough to feature Antos’ Antler Chews, a strong, natural and healthy chew for your lovely pet. Like the Nature’s Harvest bites, the Adverturos are meat treats filled with natural supplements and vitamins. So your pet has all the healthy treats they need.

Our spooky theme is led by the flashing Ghosts & Pumpkins for the halloween theme. We have strong toys for the playful aspect of the box. Both the Tasty Bone and the Strong Stuff toys will withstand even the more destructive pets for a good amount of time!

September’s Box

In our September box we have some outdoor toys and natural treats. Our Yakers snack is a new direction, with dry meaty bites made from animal fats. We maintained our healthy food streak with the Forthglade meat and rice portions, and our latest healthy dog bakes by Four Legged Fancies.

Alongside our treats we have included a water bottle for those long walks, a Chomper fling toy for fetch and a Nuts for Knots tugging toy!

In conclusion, this months box is one for the light evening walks. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it!

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